Being an Ethical Brand takes Courage and Determination

The number of mission-driven companies is on the rise. We are designing a new economy, and if your brand is not creating a positive impact yet - well you have found us now!

Our team has been working with brands worldwide for the platform, interviewing CEO’s and digging deep into their business models and ethical values. If you are ready to launch your ethical brand or need to complement it with a range of services, Four ppineapples is the agency you were looking for.

We start your brand integrating sustainability right from the core.

We slay with the four P’s of Marketing like… pineapples!

We make your impact count. We know what works and we want it to be Sweeeeet-AS!

Let's Slay!

Advice & Mentoring

You want to create an ethical brand that is also sustainable, implementing all the goodness right in your business model.
We will explore together potential opportunities to become a social entrepreneur, and we will define the best formula that gives back to a community.
We will find a way to communicate your impact right from the beginning. A key to success.

Marketing services

We dive into your brand to learn all the good’ness your business does. In fact, our greatest power and biggest asset are that we look at your project from a 360º perspective. We leave nothing in the isolation; we take your brand as a whole. Then we slay into many parts to work from the very core and grow it strong.

Manufacturing Solutions

We are connected to the best manufacturers. Based on your needs, we can give you the tools and the connections to thrive. Ethically. And most importantly, without having to visit factories in person. We make you save money and time!


As a business, promotional material can become essential for your daily activity, we get that! But what if you decide to go for eco-friendly merchandising options? Just imagine all businesses choosing more sustainable alternatives? The footprint would be MASSIVE! Learn about the customisable options using the most sustainable materials known on Earth.

Why We Should Slay Together?

We have worked with brands and social entrepreneurs worldwide to give them exposure, we have deep knowledge of the ethical market and business models

0 Brands supported

Small Ethical Businesses, Startup’s & Kickstarters, Social Entrepreneurs

0 Researched Brands

We told you, our work includes huge market research of Ethical Brands

0 Marketing projects

We approach our marketing from a holistic 360º perspective, for your brand to slay!

Get Started Now

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business.

Our big bold FOUR in Marketing

Promotion | Product | Price | Placement
And because every brand is different, these are some of the things we can do

Content Production

Copywriting | Creative Copy & Advertising | Branding | Video
Content is king. We are focused on the creation of contents for ethical businesses and social entrepreneurs, because with the right message you can move millions.

Web Development

Mobile Friendly Websites | SEO
We’ll build you a mobile responsive website and get you online fast. But we don’t launch you into online oblivion at your own fate: we work on the Search Engine Optimisation so your customers can find you.


Social Media | Strategy
Digitally fluent, we make your brand shine onlin-ing. In the new digital era, your branding needs to breathe through targeted contents presented on well-prepared and truly engaging campaigns.

PR & Media

Specialised Media Feature | Ethical Brands & Social Entrepreneurs
If you choose to work with Four ppineapples, you will be featured at and across all its digital platforms and future campaigns. Thrive by joining the most eco-conscious community.


Marketing | Campaigns | Benchmarking
Strategic planning is key. We advise at the early stages of your business, squeezing all the goodness of your brand. Working closely with social entrepreneurs, we enable the right connections for your mission to see light.


Showrooms | Fairs | Workshops | Exhibitions | Product launch
Experienced in Showrooms, Fairs, fashion shows, Seminars, Workshops, Inaugurations, Exhibitions, Sports events, Product launch, Thematic parties, Congresses & big format events, Professional & Corporate meetings.

If you are addicted to pineapples as much as we are, take a look at all the services.
Sweet-as Marketing is waiting for you!

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