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Canvas business model for Social Enterprises: weaving commercial + impact value

The Canvas business model is an excellent tool for social enterprises to display in just one page how to weave a commercial value proposition and impact value proposition.

Download here your free Canvas business model template for social enterprises, including an explanation on how to use it and with an example that will help you to figure out how to fill in yours! Faster planning, to get right into the action!

Why we use it the canvas business model for social enterprises?

  • Having a one-page sketch helps you to quickly draw a picture of what the idea entails.
  • It allows you to get an understanding of your business and to go through the process of making connections between what your idea is and how to make it into a business.
  • It helps you to gain a deeper sense of your value, as well as your customer (which is essential to serve them!)
  • It allows everyone in your team to get a clear idea of what the business is about.
  • If you fill in the canvas business model for your commercial value proposition and another one for your impact value proposition, you will quickly find out how everything is aligned as well as certain strategies that you can adopt to make your business more purposeful.
  • This is the first step to create a marketing strategy

After using this template you will move towards creating your Mk strategy – HOW?

  • Combining the different elements: understanding your message, your value, your audience and what channels you need to use.
  • Utilising those resources you already have
  • Communicating the impact well and make sure it’s included on the relevant contents
  • Brainstorm and find creative solutions to activities and events (i.e. in the case of the business it already tells you a lot of the strategy, and that is partnering with other biz and organise events, cross promotion…)
  • Understanding that, to successfully deliver this strategy, will have to make good use of all the different techniques in marketing. Do you want to get more people to know about you? Invest your efforts in PR! Do you want to focus on educating your customer base and giving them inspirational tools and contents? Find out what they are looking for, and find strategic partners (i.e. composting!)

Is this too tricky for you, you don’t seem to find the answers? Reach out at and we will work together!

Stay Tuned, Stand Tall!

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