Four pineapples Services

We work with social entrepreneurs that commit positive world change.
We work with businesses and people trying to solve a social or environmental problem.
We build brands with impact.
And honest marketing isn’t against expertise. We dive into your brand to learn all the good your business does. In fact, one greatest power and biggest asset is that we look at your project from a 360º perspective. We leave nothing in the isolation, taking your brand as a whole.

Start your Ethical Brand

Advice & Mentoring

You want to create an ethical brand that is also sustainable, implementing all the goodness right in your business model. We will explore together potential opportunities to become a social entrepreneur, and we will define the best formula that gives back to a community. We will find a way to communicate your impact right from the beginning. A key to success.

Manufacturing solutions

We are connected to the best manufacturers. Based on your needs, we can give you the tools and the connections to thrive. Ethically. And most importantly, without having to visit factories in person. We make you save money and time!


As a business, promotional material can become essential for your daily activity, we get that! But what if you decide to go for eco-friendly merchandising options? Just imagine all businesses choosing more sustainable alternatives? The footprint would be MASSIVE! Learn about the customisable options using the most sustainable materials known on Earth.

PR & Media

If you choose to work with Four ppineapples to start your ethical brand, you will be featured at, a media platform that is specialised in ethical brands and social entrepreneurs. Your brand will be exposed your brand to a worldwide audience and showcased across all its digital platforms and future campaigns. Our PR expertise allows connections to other targeted digital magazines.

Affordable Marketing Kit

If you work with us since the early stages of your ethical brand, you will access an affordable marketing kit that includes content production, digital strategy, planning and a feature at Working with over 150 brands we have realised social entrepreneurship takes courage and determination (loads of it!), so we’d like to make things easier for you and truly see your ethical brand thrive.

Content producers

Content is king. We are focused on the creation of contents for ethical businesses and social entrepreneurs, because with the right message you can move millions. We write them creatively, for audiovisuals, for campaigns, for the media, for the digital audience. We even do official reports and study cases. Good data, good researching.
We do it in both English and/or Spanish (the third and second most spoken languages… so you can reach the 360+437 million people worldwide).


Search engine-friendly copy for websites: because your website content won’t miraculously rank, we create the most optimised content for your website. So your audience can find you. BASIC!


We bring brands to life! As our good friend Lou McGregor says, “the 00.2% of your DNA is the bit you need to find to make a difference.” We believe that branding tells a story that has the capacity to drive social change (in our case, for good). If you need to create the brand from the start (link to Start your ethical brand) or give it a new look, we will make it look great & and stand tall. Like pineapples.

Creative Copy & Advertising

If you need some sweet-as contents, we are your match! Whether you want them short or long, well-researched, for the campaign of the year, media-adapted, for high-converting landing pages, branded, digitally suitable, or catching social media posts… We got’cha!


We do pre- pro-duction and edition.
We carry our material easily. Drone, phones, cameras, lens and microphones.
Editing from Spain to Australia and always happy to travel this beautiful world.

Digital savvy

Digitally fluent, we use technology as a tool to create new business opportunities. When it comes to digital, your branding needs to breathe through targeted contents presented on well-prepared and truly engaging campaigns. And all this turns into data, helping you to test, implement and correct the strategy. We make your brand shine onlin-ing.


Email marketing campaigns are key to create traffic to your website, deliver your best contents to your community and, eventually, sell your products & services. From building your database to delivering kick-ass newsletters, it’s a must-have in any successfully-run business.

Social Media

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin… there is not a single channel we can resist because we love our good communities. But hold on! We only pick the ones you need. Publishing contents that are right just for you.

Strategic thinkers

Strategic planning is key if you want your brand to succeed. This is, actively understanding what your business needs. We can advise you from the start of your business, squeezing all the goodness of your brand. As we work closely with social entrepreneurs, we can enable the right connections to make your good mission a reality.
We bench-market your business and we set realistic goals. We are great in implementing it or guiding you in the process. You won’t be alone in making strategic-thinking decisions.


To meet your marketing goals, it’s absolutely necessary to run frequent campaigns. Here’s when we take it all in the mix to launch what will be known as a successful campaign. Good fun! We handle the pressure for you… no worries!


Have you found where your brand belongs in the market yet? To support you in setting your goals, that are also realistic, and get the decisions rolling for the Four P’s, we offer in-depth analyses for targeted groups of customers, competitors and trends.

Web-stuff creators

Mobile Friendly Websites

We’ll build you a mobile responsive website and get you online fast. We’ll design and deliver a website that will look good and function flawlessly on all devices. We create sites using WordPress, the world’s leading blogging and content management system (CMS). Not a friend of WordPress? We can setup a Weebly, Squarespace or the website builder of your choice!

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s not enough for us to build you a great looking website and then launch it into online oblivion. SEO is the science behind being found by both search engines and your customers.


Experienced in Showrooms, Fairs, meetings, fashion shows, Seminars, Workshops, Inaugurations, Exhibitions, Sports events, Product launch, Thematic parties, Congresses and big format events, Professional and corporate meetings.
We can help you from the distance but we also travel under request.

Planning & Implementation

Of course, how would you possibly be out there if you don’t have a plan to get your brand rocking?! Whether you need help in set up your actions on a visual and viable calendar, or implement the whole lot of strategic tasks for your brand to succeed, we are the jack of all trades - and the master for each of them!

If you are ready to get started get in touch we will make your brand sweet-ass!

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