3 mistakes and solutions on contents between social enterprises

The 3 most common Contents Mistakes between Social Enterprises

I love social enterprises. I love them so much that I have studied thousands of them. And since contents is our thing, we have found out the 3 most common mistakes social entrepreneurs do when it comes to content writing.

Here is the list of the 3 most common contents mistakes and how to fix them:

1. Focused on the mission

“I got angry or upset because I went travelling and I found out many people didn’t have access to toilets. I want to build toilets around the world.”

Think this: Why should people care about you? The reality is that people care about themselves.

It’s true that today we already have 33% consumers purchasing products with sustainability in mind, and another 20% that want to try (this means the market is ready and if you are an ethical business you will possibly attract all this potential)


You need to get people caring about the mission while you offer them a solution.

And for example the solution can be that you have this amazing toilet paper, that saves water, 50% benefits used to build toilets around the world: it is a good price, pretty & fun, delivered at your home and that actually cleans your bum AH!

Your messaging would communicate that but also put the customer at the centre of your business and that is that you need to say “YOU” instead of “I” – and that is super important if you want them to feel something when they are reading. Which leads me to the second tip

2. Lack emotional trigger when writing

The whole point on why we are creating a brand is because we want to create a phenomenon, going beyond the concept “just a product” but a manifestation of a cultural element; in part, when you are creating a social business you can actually drive social change.

So how has this toilet paper brand incorporated the emotions – it is toilet paper right? What is the emotions behind a toilet paper? 

Fun marketing, messaging, contents and putting the customer in the centre, how they are contributing to the mission every time they clean their bum…. they have awakened an emotion in the people. 

It is super important you humanise your brand.

3. Storytelling piece is missing

You need to get your content pieces to work separately as if these were part of the whole picture. 

Many social entrepreneurs think storytelling is about explaining their mission. WRONG! Firstly, if you want to certainly focus on the mission, you need to communicate it in a way that adds value to the customers (and when I mean “value” – answer that questions “why should they care”)

How you need to use storytelling is that when you are putting all those elements together they have a big picture, but simultaneously can also work independently and still tell that story. 

This means, whether you put a post on instagram or you do a blog post, the contents is good enough that people will understand the WHY behind the whole brand/biz to exist. 

And reversing this idea, you don’t have to create a zillion of contents to create a story. You need to focus on defining the core, the structure and creating a content piece that you will be able to split into smaller pieces (it’s like extending and multiplying what you already have). You save time and become more consistent.

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