Why Us?

We work WITH sustainable & ethical brands

We have studied almost a              T H O U S A N D of brands. This means thousands of hours of research. Out of these study cases, we have learned what works, what doesn’t, what people want, the keys for ethical brands to succeed in competitive markets while shaping the new economy.

We have deep knowledge of the ethical market since we have researched Millenials expectations, competitors across all channels, and many brands (think a thousand!) in a range of industries, we have understood the larger vision and applied the knowledge. We are ready to share it with you too.

We have the right connections: whether you want to be featured on leading platforms in your sector, need your supply chain to become greener, design a Kickstarter campaign, and launch your business from scratch… we have the right tactics, tools and synergies for you – including Marketing, of course!

Collaborators in our heart-set. Our eagle sight contributes to finding the right synergies and serve the larger mission. We have embraced every opportunity to create a strong network of social enterprises and b2b to make greater things happen. We are abundance-thinkers.

How we do it?

Defining your Business Model. Your Framework. Your strategy.

We back you to select the right business models to define your business structure, which will also become your framework to give back. Why this is important?

  • You want to be a sustainable business from the start, to make sure you are profitable as well as making a positive impact
  • For effective marketing, your brand needs a strong business model
  • To know very well both, your community of service and customers
four ppineapples SDGs sustainable development goals

Aligning your Brand with the Sustainable Development Goals

We know the SDGs very well. We have a formula that’ll get your good actions measurable from day one. Why is this important? We have found out that those brands providing data of impact are more likely to succeed. For conscious purchases, folks look for data so they can:

  • Trust you as a business
  • Embrace their positive contribution towards a better world
  • Feel empowered, as they are playing a part to change demand

Getting everyone to Access Affordable Marketing Services

We want to give the option to small, medium or large businesses with a purpose (aka ethical brands) to have the chance to do F*#%&! Good Marketing without losing all their cash flow in the intent. Why is this important to us?

  • Because we want to help good businesses to grow
  • We want to build a future where business is a powerful force for good (Faster)
  • Coz’ we are a sustainable business ourselves, but profit is not our sole goal

Positive is the current normal
Green is the new black
Ethical is the ONLY possible future

Ethical Brands Building a Sustainable Economy

The number of mission-driven companies is on the rise. We are designing a new economy, and if your brand is not creating a positive impact yet – well you have found us now!

Whether it’s a handmade candle business building a brighter future for women and children who have suffered violence, a sustainable backpack using repurposed sails and recycled plastic, or a bespoke fashion brand bringing the most innovative and sustainable materials on Earth, there is only place for Honest Marketing.

We start your brand integrating sustainability right from the core.
We slay with the four P’s of Marketing like… PPineaPPles
We make your impact count. We know what works and we want it to be Sweeeeet-AS!

Our asset? We give you the right exposure at the Media for Ethical Businesses Ourgoodbrands.com

We are on a mission too: educating the consumers.
Because change happens when brands, organisations, and people work together towards collective goals.